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Explore the Future of Automated Networking

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QR Campaign revolutionizes the way you network and build business relationships

Build business relationships by adding a digital element to all your print media and eliminating the need for traditional business cards

This is What You’ve Been Waiting For!

Are you tired of handing out business cards, and not knowing if they will ever call back?

With QRCampaign’s vCard you will never have to wait for a prospect to call back. The unique 2-way contact exchange converts every tap into a contact in your CRM that you can immediately follow up with.

Have you had enoughf of being ghosted or blocked by prospects because of your unknown caller id?

Thanks to QR Camapign’s two way exchange you are no longer just an unknown caller when you follow up, but show up as an actual contact.

Are you fed up with business opportunities slipping through the cracks because you’re too busy to follow up?

With QR campaign’s smart CRM you can start your business relationships like a pro from day one. Thanks to QRCampaign’s Followup automations you never have to worry about getting too busy to follow up with new contacts.

Are you over Investing in print marketing material, without any way to track their effectiveness?

From now on you can track when, where, and how often a printed marketing resource was scanned connecting all your print material to the unforgettable experience of your digital marketing campaigns with just a scan or a QR Code.

Step in to the Future of Networking

We get it!

The pillar of service based business growth is building and nurturing strong relationships.

You hand out a business card here…
… drip a flier there!

Oh, and then you bump into an ideal prospect during lunch or at the gym.

… you promise to follow up.

Then you head back to your daily life.

… home, work, habits, and before you know it…

Every now and then you look at your phone when it rings or blinks – hoping it’s one of the prospects that you handed your business card- more than a week ago.

Then you remember “your promise”.

… you pick up the phone to follow up on those connections you made a while back.

… ring, ring – mailbox.

… you hang up.

You try again.

… ring – mailbox!

What? Did I just get pressed away – you wonder?

Yes you did!

Who wants to pick up “Unknown Callers”

As you realize the vicious cycle you are in you wonder what if I could get their contact too, each time I share mine-

Is there a way to make connections and not have to remember to follow up?

Thanks to QRCampaign now there is….


The future of networking and building relationships

No need to carry around paper business cards anymore

With just a tap of your virtual business card you can exchange your contact and create a new relationship from day one

No need to wait for prospect to call you back

With our two-way exchange, every time you tap, and the new prospect saves your contact, they are also asked to share their contact information with you.
This means your response rate to higher two because you’re no more a unknown caller when you reach out.

No more business opportunities, slipping through the cracks

Every new contact is automatically pushed to a personalized follow up sequence, without you having to stress about remembering to follow up anymore.

How it Works

The QRCampaign Process That Systematizes Your Networking

Connect, Follow up, Response, Nurture, Convert


QR Code

Add a digital element to all your print marketing resources.

Measure your return on investment thanks to advanced qr code tracking mechanisms.


Boost your response rates thanks to 2-way contact exchange. Eliminate the need for conventional business cards.

Follow Up

Smart CRM

Start your relationships the right way from day one and never worry about any new opportunities slipping through the cracks thanks to personalized follow up and pipeline workflows.


AI Webchat Assistant

Your Prospects and Customers enjoy 24h availability, and conversational engagement with your business no matter the time or your availability.

Contact Page

Stand out from the masses with a customized contact page that prospects can reach by scanning a qr code or clicking a link.


Email, text and WhatsApp Automation

“Money is in the follow up”- never let a business opportunity slip through the cracks anymore. No more wasted networking relationships because you were too busy to follow up and nurture the relationship.


Forms & Surveys

Get the information you need to qualify your prospects,so that you only spend on leads that have an actual intent to move forward and high probability of closing. 

Calendars, Zoom, Google Meet Integration

Prospects and book meetings straight into your calendar and all you have to do is show up to the meeting. Calendar synchronization eliminates appointment conflicts between your business and personal calendar.

The Advanced Tools At Your Disposal

QR Codes

More engagement and prospects through customized QR codes, by adding a digital element to all your promotional materials, which allows you to increase the reach and accessibility of your digital-marketingcampaigns

Virtual Business Cards

Boost your response rates and close more deals by digitally exchanging contact information both-ways, which allows you to grow your contact list with every tap.

AI Assisted Contact Page

Get more appointments booked by using a personalized landing profile page with integrated AI assistant hat can answer questions and book appointments.

Contact Management (Smart CRM)

Never miss a follow-up, thanks to fully automatable sequences and workflows, ensuring consistent nurturing and engagement of all your new contacts and pipeline prospects.
Female holding a smartphone with QR Code by QRCampaign on screen infant of a open Mac book with QRCampaign Dashboard on screen.

QR Codes

Generate customized QR codes.

Easily share property listings, contact information, or promotional materials.

Normally, the performance of marketing material can’t be tracked, while the reach of online marketing efforts is limited to online visitors and online engagement only.

With QRCampaign’s QR codes you increase the accessibility of your information, while tracking the performance of your marketing resources allows you to optimize your campaign strategies, leading to higher engagement and potential client interest.

vBusiness Card

Exchange digital business cards that prompt recipients to share their contact information in return.

Not only share your contact information, but also directly receive the contact details of potential clients.

Classical contact exchange is usually one-sided, as the active party will had out their business card and then hope for the other party to reach out at some point in the future. Even if the business card exchange was mutual, and you reach out later, the response rates are low – because you are an unknown caller. Over time and with diminishing response rates based on business card exchanges, this can be psychologically burdensome.

QRCampaign’s vCard allows you to boost your response rate and opportunities in your pipeline, ultimately enhancing your close rate.

AI Chatbot

A personalized landing or profile page with a conversational AI assistant.

Engage prospects through an AI assistant that can answer questions and book appointments for you.

Prospecting is the most time-consuming and dreaded activity among Agents and consultants.

Skyrockets appointment rates by offering an interactive and informative experience, even when shared via print media.

Contact Management

A comprehensive CRM system with automation capabilities for follow-ups, nurturing, and appointment management.

Automate various stages of client interaction, from initial contact to appointment reminders, using email, text, voicemail, and WhatsApp.

It takes several touchpoints or micro-commitments to qualify and nurture a perspective into taking action or making a macro commitment.

QR Campaign’s smart CRM streamlines and enhances client acquisition and retention, by ensuring consistent follow-up and engagement.

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