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Optimize Your Business Growth

The Future of Customer Engagement is Conversational

Conversational AI Chatbots are no Longer a Novelty - They are An Expectation

Similar to a Website, AI has become an expectation that people have in regards to an established business.

Just by offering a conversational form of interaction with your business. You’re already positioning yourself in the mind of your prospect without having done anything else.

But there is also a functional aspect to it…

Are you struggling to scale your customer service without inflating your operational costs?

The KR Conversational AI Chatbot effortlessly scales with your business. It’s capable of handling multiple interactions simultaneously, saving you from the high costs of expanding your customer service team.

Do you struggle to provide immediate responses to prospect questions on your website?

Our AI Chatbot can deliver instant, customized answers to common real estate, loan or insurance policy questions, providing a personalized experience that keeps prospects engaged. The KR Ai Chatbot can even serve customized listings, answers and book appointments on your behalf.

Do missed opportunities due to slow response times worry you?

Our AI Chatbot ensures instant responses to customer inquiries 24/7, reducing wait times and capturing opportunities that would otherwise be missed.

Concerned about keeping up with the digital communication preferences of your customers?

Stay ahead of the curve by adopting the KR Conversational AI Chatbot, catering to the modern customer’s preference for quick and efficient digital interactions.

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the motto

The AI Assistant is not a Cost it’s an Investments with ROI

Endless Possibilities

You save time which saves you money

Online Communication

You save resources which lowers your expenses

Free Updates & Support

You get a piece of mind because your prospects have 24/7 access to you and your business's intelligence no matter where you are.
what we do

Here’s What the KR AI Assistant Can Do for You

Customizable Knowledge Base

Train the KR AI Chatbot Assistant in minutes. You can upload a Pdf, or link a URL with all the information about your business you want it to know.

Embed it on your website, or personalized contact page

With a few clicks and copy and past you can start delegating your prospect qualification and appointment scheduling to the KR Chatbot assistant.  It will conversationally provide detailed answers about your listings, products and services and even schedule appointments with qualified prospects on your behalf.

Drive Traffic to it

By integrating the KR Chatbot Assistant with QRCampaign’s snart CRM you can directly send traffic to it from Meta Leadform Ads, or it can conversationally turn WhatsApp inquiries initiated by your prospects into lead qualification conversations and appointments.

It gets better over time

Questions that the KR AI assistant can’t answer are handed over to you in a spreadsheet so you can update them. Overtime this allows the AI assistant to become more intelligent and capable.

Hand off to live representative

Some engagements are better handled by a live rep. The KR AI assistant offers prospects the ability to be handed off to a live person to continue the conversation, or vice versa. A live person can hand off the chat to the KR AI assistant.

Advanced Analytics

The KR AI assistant is fully transparent, allowing you to monitor chats in real time as they take place and chime in if you desire.

Chat history can be exported for further data analysis and used to improve your marketing and sales.

Key metrics of the chat like most chosen intents, chat duration and more, are all accessible to you via the integrated dashboard.

Creative Approach

Here’s Why Service Professionals Choose the KR Ai Assistant Chatbot over other Solutions

You are not just buying a simple chatbot. You are signing up to an advanced application that is continuously maintained and updated by the feedback of a growing customer base, and their needs and requirements.

We offer an  extensive knowledge base of training and instructions that will leave none of your questions unanswered. 

Our mission is to grow by the impact we make in the businesses of our partners. 

Our team of professional developers also become your virtual team of developers – always ready to implement further advances and customizations that you may desire over time.

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Mary Farrell


Use the apps that were designed with AI.

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How to Get Started And Be a Part of the Conversational Future with KR’s AI Chatbot Assistant

Schedule a FREE Demo and onboarding Session Now!

We’ll get you up and running in less than 7 Days

To prove how confident we are in our service –  you only pay us once we’ve set up and implemented the KR Chatbot assistant for you. That means if it takes more than 7 days you’ll have our team working for you for free until integration is complete.

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